The Taita Community Written By A Taita Girl


The Taita Community

The taita tribe (also known as wataita) is a Kenyan tribe which is located in Taita Taveta County.
They are Bantus that are believed to have migrated from the central Africa(congo basin) together with other coastal Bantu communities who decided to head towards the North of shungwaya while the taitas headed towards the south of shungwaya.
It’s believed that they could have settled in shungwaya but due to the attacks from other communities specifically the cushites(Oromo/galla), they had to migrate to the taita hills.
The hills protected them from the attacks as they had caves, they therefore ended up settling there.
Taita has most parts of it covered by the famous Tsavo East and West National Park, which attracts lots of tourists, both local and international.
The Taita community consists of three sub-tribes; Wadawida, wasaghala and wataveta.
The Taita people have have several dialects between them depending in where they live. Some of the sub- counties are; Mbololo, Bura, taita, Wesu, kidaya, mghange, chawia, Mwanda, kishamba, werugha, wundanyi, Mwatate and Voi. Some of the dialects they speak are dawida, kikasghau and kisaghala.
A legendary figure for the taitas was famously known as Mwangeka. He resisted the British Colonists from approaching the land of wataita.
Some of the huge rocks in taita were specifically reserved for either worship or for cultural practices. The rocks were known as Maghamba.
They also had sacred forests known as fighi.
Traditionally the taita lived in their clans or lineages which in taita language is known as Vichuku in plural. Each lineage had specific hills they loved in as their territory.
Taitas had a cultural way of dancing knowns as Mwazindika, that was usually danced in mahando during cultural events.
The Taitas called their God, Mulungu, to whom they called upon in times of calamity and misfortunes.
The common economic activity done in the sloppy hills of taita is agriculture.
The produces are sold in bulk to the residents of the coastal area mostly in Mombasa.

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