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January 20th
Welcome At NBO Airport. Transportation to Accommodations in Nairobi. Welcome Dinner or Breakfast. Overview of Nairobi Kenya.
Intro To Speaking Kiswahili. Native languages of Kenya & Tanzania.
Itinerary for the coming days.
Q & A Session.

January 21th

Nairobi National Park | Wildlife Preserve. Dinner @ Mama Oliech Restaurant

Nairobi National Park. Guided Park Tour. (4-5 hrs). Evening Dinner @ Mama Oliech Restaurant. Locals Favorite Place For Kenyan Cuisine.

January 22th

Ngong Hills Nature Forest, City of Ngong, Kenya | Yaya Centre Mal

Light Breakfast. Ngong Hills Nature Preserve. Hiking for an amazing view of Maasai Mara area and city of Ngong, Keny. Yaya Centre Mall. Food | Drinks | Shopping.

January 23rd

Nairobi CBD Tour | Maasai Market Shopping | Lunch

Tour of Central Business District of Nairobi. Jamia Mosque. National Archives. Shopping at the world famous Maasai Market. Lunch with locals at nearby restaurants.

January 25th

Maasai Mara Safari 

Day 1 of 2. Guided Tour Of World Famous Maasai Mara National Reserve. Wildlife: Lions, Elephant, Leopards, Crocodile, Gazelle, Zebra & More. Accommodations.Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner.Daily.

January 26th

Maasai Mara Safari | Prepare For ZNZ

Day 2 of 2. Guided Tour Of World Famous Maasai Mara National Reserve. Wildlife: Lions, Elephant, Leopards, Crocodile, Gazelle, Zebra & More. Prepare For Travel To Zanzibar, Tanzania.

January 27th

Zanzibar, Tanzania ZNZ  | Arrival |Beach Dinner * Spice Farm Tour

Travel NBO To ZNZ Airport (1-2 Hours Flight time). Welcome Dinner @ ZNZ Accommodations. *Optional Spice Farm Tour ( Arrival Time Dependent). Nightly Patio Activities & Games. Beach Activities & Area: Q & A.

 January 23th

2-Rivers Mall | Shopping. Dinning. Entertainment.

Shopping. Dinning. Entertainment. 3-6 Hours of leisure @ Nairobi’s Contemporary Shopping Mall. Rest time before Downtown Nairobi Tour & Maasai Market. * Special Dinner For Jazzy.

January 29th

Zanzibar Stonetown Guided Tour | Shopping | Mnarani Turtles Aquarium | Beach Free Time

Breakfast. Historical Tour Of Stonetown, ZNZ. Shopping. Dinning. Entertainment. 3-4 Hours. Walking Tour of Stonetown Landmarks. Local Shopping. Mnarani Turtles Conservation. Henna Art Gallery. Residential Real Estate Tour Fumba Town.(optional).  Zanzibar Beach Free Time.

January 30th

Zanzibar, Tanzania | Departing

Zanzibar Beach Location| Lunch | Activities | Departing Preparations to ZNZ | DAR | NBO Airports. 


*Required For Entry: Kenya 30-Day Electronic Travel Authorization (Visa) : 
$42.00 USD Apply Direct Below:


*Required For Entry: Zanzibar, Tanzania 30-Day Single Entry Tourist Visa:
$100.00 USD Apply Direct Below:


Suggested deadline to apply for both December 30, 2024. 
Required for Kenya Entry:
  • Covaid 19 PCR Test (No Longer Needed)
  • Yellow Fever (Card)
*Kenya & Tanzania, Zanzibar currently has no vaccination requirements.
10 Days | East Africa Tour | 
Daily Guided Tours & Assistance.
5-Star Accommodations.
Private Daily Transportation.
Daily Catering | Laundry & Cleaning Service.
24-Assistance | Knowledgeable Local & USA Staff | Host | Hostesses
Contact Tour Director: Darren Austin (813) 448-8078.
Directly For Assistance And Guidance. 
$2,800 USD /Per Person.
*Excluding Air-Travel. We are eager to help suggest  and assist with any domestic and international travel.
*(Comparable 10-day tours vary in price and services $6,000 – 10,200 USD).
100% Fully Refundable Before 11/15/2024.
*Travel Insurance: squaremouth.com

1-Time Payment:

$2,489 Anytime Before 12/15/24

+$311.00 Credit Initial Deposit.



*$200 Credit Deposit Deadline 3/27/24.

2-Timely Payments:

$1,400 Payment 1 Due 3/27/2024 

$1,400 Payment 2 Due 12/27/2024



*$Initial Deposit Deadline 3/27/24.

6-Timely Payments:

$466.00 Payment 1 Due 3/27/2024 

$466.00 Payment 2 Due 5/27/2024

$466.00 Payment 3 Due 7/27/2024

$466.00 Payment 4 Due 9/27/2024

$466.00 Payment 5 Due 11/27/2024

$466.00 Payment 6 Due 12/27/2024



*Initial Deposit Deadline 3/27/24.

9-Timely Payments:

$311.00 Payment 1 Due 3/28/2024 

$311.00 Payment 2 Due 4/28/2024 

$311.00 Payment 3 Due 5/28/2024 

$311.00 Payment 4 Due 6/28/2024 

$311.00 Payment 5 Due 7/28/2024 

$311.00 Payment 6 Due 8/28/2024 

$311.00 Payment 7 Due 09/28/2024

$311.00 Payment 8 Due 10/28/2024 

$311.00 Payment 9 Due 11/28/2024

$311.00 Payment 9 Due 12/28/2024

For New Guests.



*$200 Initial Credit Deposit Deadline 3/27/24.

-Special Request-

Call | Text | Darren Austin +1-813-448-8078

We suggest departing out of NYC area airports. Sunday and Monday is traditionally the timeframes where tickets and deals are offered most when booking your flight.
Kenyan Airways offers direct flights from NYC to Nairobi (10 Hours Flight). Business Class, Upgraded Economy & some basic Economy window seats will offer the best comfort. Foreign airlines offer 2-3 meals and great service compared to US based airlines.
Alternate Airlines such as Air France & Egyptian Air offers flights with layovers in Paris, France And Cairo, Egypt respectively.  Give the opportunity to visit either of these 2 great cities before traveling onward to Africa.
*Feel free to contact your tour director and host Darren Austin (813) 448-8078 with any booking questions & assistance.
10,000 Kenyan Shillings (Ksh) = 75.80 USD ||| 10,000 Tanzanian Shillings (Tsh) = 3.92 USD  +/-Fluctuations Will Occur
It is a good practice to carry at least 100 USD but no more than 500 USD when traveling to Africa. Currency exchange rates are best done outside of airports at trusted popular exchanges.
Credit Cards With Visa Logo are accepted and trusted at most popular vendors in Kenya | Tanzania.
For local vendors it is best to use the local currency cash only. ATM withdrawals and purchases always choose local currency option. 
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