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"A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes."

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Africa, One Of The Least Vaccinated & Most Natural Antibodies To The “C” 

“8 Pages Of Single Spaced Vaxxx Adverse Events With Pfizer Vaxxx-The Truth Is Leaking Out”

“Everyone should share this video…The Truth Is Slowly Coming to light.”

“Corona” Vaxxx Maker Secret Governmental Contracts Revealed

U.S. Senator Presses Dr. Fauci On The Likliehood The "Corona" Was Funded By The U.S. Doctor And Purposely Made In A Lab

D.R.  Peter Doshi of The British Medical Journal Expounds On The Illogical Push For  “Covaid-Vaccines”

(Removed By Youtube Because Of Too Much Truth)

CDC Official Does Not Answer , When Asked How Many CDC Employees Are Vaccinated !

Lies, Lies, & More Lies…

Masks Are Just Political Theatre,  Not Science !

(Unavailable because every bit of truth is being censored)

Ommicron Another Bold Lie In The Covaid Clown World

A Practical Conversation That Naturally Exposes Covaid Lies

Real Reason the west is blaming “Omicrorn” on Africa

“Omicrorn” first found in 4 vaxxed foreign government workers, has very mild and treatable symptoms, so why the hysteria?

Around The World: Your Governments Covaid Narrative Is A Lie.


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